Aly K. from Santa Monica, CA

Before the pandemic, I always came here for the oysters and clams. We dined in here once during the pandemic, we really enjoy the fish and chips. The place is always very clean and the staff are prompt and polite. I always order Calm Cove oysters at this place, they are my favorite. But the last time I was there, the Calm Cove was different, maybe it's a seasonal thing. We enjoy the clams alot when we go there. My 2.5 year old really really loves the fish and chips, so do we. The batter is more akin to a light fried chicken batter, very crispy and full of flavor, a nice departure from the regular fish batter. The fish is glistening and tender, just a joy to eat. We'll be back soon for more clams, fish and chips, and oysters.