Crab Legs

Crab Legs

Crab Legs for Days Snow King Dip Cajun Sauce Orange County OC Fire Crab

Do you like legs? We thought so. Don't these King Crab Legs look sexy and delicious? You can get them by the pound or get our Crab Legs Combo which includes a pound of King Crab Legs and a pound of Snow Crab Legs. Yep, legs for days. We'll even give you some scissors to help you take off the shells. Once you get to the meat of the legs, dip them in the Cajun sauce and enjoy. Yeah, that's way better than just dipping them in butter. Yeah, we're a little biased.

It's Getting Hot in Here! So Take Off All Our Shells!

Shrimp Crab Legs Crawfish Cajun Hot In Here Spicy Orange County Seafood OC Fire Crab Garden Grove

It's getting hot in Orange County! Well, it's always been hot in our kitchen. Get any of our steaming bucket deals and you'll see what we mean. Once we bring your seafood out, the steam is so hot, those bad boys can't wait for you to take them out of their shells. And if you want hot as in spicy, yeah, we go that, too. Just ask. We like a good burn every now and then, too. Our Fire Sauce is just a combination of all of our various flavored sauces. Pick your favorite one and let us know how hot you want it. We can make it as hot as you want it.

Crab Legs for Pops

Crab Legs Father's Day Orange County OC Fire Crab Cajun Restaurant Garden Grove

Is your Pops a Legs Man? Yeah, we know he is. Well, you know Father's Day is coming up, right? What do you have planned? Nothing? Good! Bring him on in to the Fire Crab on Father's Day and get him some crab legs! This will surely make him happy. And remember, we are large-party friendly! So bring the whole fam-bam. We'll take care of them all.

We Support Seafood Segregation

Seafood Segregation Shrimp Crawfish Crab Legs Garden Grove Orange County OC Fire Crab

Yes, we like certain seafood away from other seafood. It's our right to segregate our seafood however we see fit and you have the same right whenever you come to dine at the Fire Crab. If you want shrimp and crab legs in one combo, and then all the crawfish in its separate combo, you can. And you can even make each one a different flavor and/or a different level of spiciness. You can even separate your clams from any of those seafoods, too. The choice is really yours and no one will judge you all the same.

Shrimp 'n Crab Legs Combo!

Shrimp King Snow Crab Legs Cajun Seafood Sausages Orange County OC Fire Crab

You can make up whatever Seafood Combo you wish. If it's Crab Legs and Shrimp you want? No problem. We also have 2 kinds of Crab Legs: Snow Crab Legs and King Crab Legs. Can't decide on which? Get a pound of both! We don't restrict your choices. You have the government and the rest of society doing that already. You should come on in enjoy our seafood selection soon. Oh, and you can make it complete combo by adding Sausages, Corn, and Potatoes as well. And then add a bowl of rice or Cajun Garlic Noodles.