Katrina T. from Huntington Beach

This place was awesome!! We ordered for delivery but omg was the food tasty. We ordered a bag of shrimp and mussels - both medium with the fire sauce (every type of sauce in the bag). We got a corn cob, potatoes, and EXTRA sausage. The juice was flavorful and the seasoning was perfect. Both the shrimp and mussels were cooked perfectly. They packed us up with salt, pepper, and extra lime (much appreciated).

We ordered medium because we were a little traumatized after previously ordering from the Boiling Crab and our mouths felt like they were going to fall off. However, The Fire Crab is not even close to that spice level! We could have definitely gone for the spicy option instead. We LOVE spice and felt their selections are true to taste.

We also ordered the garlic bread to incorporate some carbs and it was delicious! We ended up making little sandwiches out of the sausage, bread, and shrimp.

Overall this restaurant was great! A good competition for The Kickin' Crab and The Boiling Crab. I would highly recommend trying it! It is also much more affordable than its competitors.

We will be returning in the future!